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ESO: Summerset goes live in tandem with the free base-game Update 18

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This update brings a host of new features, changes, and improvements that all ESO players can enjoy without needing to purchase the new Chapter first. And if you want to buy ESO gold cheap, will be your best choice, full stock on all consoles, fast delivery.

This new base-game update includes:

Crown Store Gifting & Daily Rewards

PvP additions & Combat changes

Battlegrounds moving to base game

Morrowind zone, content, & Warden class moving to Crown Store

Morrowind Moves to the Crown Store

With Update 18, some aspects of the Morrowind Chapter have move to the in-game Crown Store and base game. Firstly, Battlegrounds is now base-game feature, meaning that all can now enjoy the 4v4v4 arena. In addition to this, the Vvardenfell zone and story content is moving to the in-game Crown Store on June 5, meaning you can get access to Vvardenfell with Crowns or via ESO Plus membership. Finally, on June 5, the Warden class will also be available for Crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

With Crown Store Gifting, you are now able to buy items from the Crown Store and have them sent directly to a friend or guild mate.

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